Advanced Computer Programming

The Advanced Computer Programming course provides A.W. Beattie Career Center  students the opportunity to achieve expertise in internet and programming technologies in use today. A.W. Beattie, in partnership with the Oracle Corporation and Microsoft, offers a high-level computer curriculum.

Upon successful completion of the Oracle Academy, students may take the Oracle Certified Associate exams. Students will learn about, JAVA, Python, and games programming. Students who complete this program may enter the job market as Web, SQL, JAVA, or application programmers. This program is excellent preparation for college courses in software engineering, computer science, and information systems.

To learn more about Advanced Computer Programming's opportunities watch the video above, see the information below about our instructor and check the tabs to your right for information about the potential to earn industry certifications, college credits and more to the right.

Career Paths

SQL Programmer, Web Developer, JAVA Programmer, Software Developer and more.

College Credits

Robert Morris University (9), Pittsburgh Technical College (7), CCAC (4), Learn more.

Courses of Study

JAVA, Python, SQL, Data Modeling, Oracle, Web Programming and more.

Industry Support

Thank you to our Occupational Advisory Committee.
Learn more.


Dr. Bob
Dr. Robert Costiloe, D.Sci
(412) 847-1954;

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